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Bitcoin 2012 | Colored coins | Historical NFTs

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Although colored coins are not strictly speaking NFTs themselves, they are widely regarded as the original idea of ​​the early concepts of NFT technology. Such colored bitcoins can be used for alternative currencies, commodity certificates, smart property, and other financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. For more information, please refer to the white paper first published by Yoni Assia in March 2012. Later, a more detailed follow-up paper was published, authored by: Yoni Assia, Vitalik Buterin (before Ethereum was born), Lior Hakim, and Meni Rosenfeld. (Source:


March 2012



Coinprism was a Colored Coins web wallet. Coinprism was similar to other web wallets, except you could store, issue, send and receive Colored Coins and not only normal Bitcoins. Coinprism was an implementation of the Open Assets protocol and it was compatible with the open source Colored Coins wallet Colorcore.

Coinprism shutdown : March 2018 

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