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What is Blog0x?

Blog0x is a social blogging platform similar to steemit where content producers earn cryptocurrency in exchange for the content that they produce.


Content producers earn $BGL (Bitgesell) for the content they produce. We chose $BGL as the currency considering that it may gain a lot of value in the future. Authors who produce quality content on Blog0x can receive special offers for project reviews. Authors can earn NFTs and POAP badges by participating in the content production contests that we will organize.

Governance and Community

Blog0x's main community is the xDaiTigers NFT community. When Blog0x first came out, we chose to organize as a sub-community of the xDaiTigers community, an active NFT community rather than creating a community from scratch. Thus, we think we can create a much larger and lasting community.


Web1: Read

Web2: Read / Write

Web3: Read / Write / Own

As the Blog0x team, we closely follow the developments in the web3 environment. In the future, we will be eager to work with projects that we think will change the world of content.


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